Travel Guide Balapitiya -2020

Brief of Balapitiya Balapitiya 

Balapitiya is a coastal town in south west Sri Lanka. Located in the Southern province. It is a small fishing village, the nearest town to the Maduganga River is a unique place, where mangrove trees are growing in a mix of salty water and the Madu river the popular tourist destination for boat safari. 

Balapitiya Sri Lanka
Madu Lake Balapitiya Sri Lanka

How to reach Balapitiya

Distance: Colombo to Balapitiya 2h, 125km 

Reach Balapitiya by Bus

Generally, buses from Colombo and Galle starts and will take you to Balapitiya. If you journey from Colombo, it will take you around three hour and forty minutes to reach Balapitiya. On the other hand, if you take the Galle to Balapitiya  route, it will take you around twenty minutes  as well.

Reach Balapitiya by Train 

Take bus 187 From Colombo Airport to Colombo Fort Railway Station for around 100 Rupees. You can purchase a 2nd or 3rd class ticket to Balapitiya when you arrive at the railway station for around 160 Rupees. Don’t expect to get a seat on this train as they are generally always packed.



How is the weather in Balapitiya 

Balapitiya’s weather is tropical in nature and it is influenced by monsoon winds. All most all the year, this place has a temperature around 29°C to 31°C Also, it is always hot and humid. At the time of two rainy seasons (from March to December), the rainfall would be quite heavy. Balapitiy is in the south coast region of Sri Lanka.