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Travel Guide Puttalam-2020


Ancient History and Settlement in Puttalam

The Puttalam which claims for prolonged history was known by Mangala Thotupola in ancient time. The history of Puttalam dates back to the arrival of Prince Vijaya, nearly 2500 years ago,when his vessel washed ashore to “Thambapani” which is located North side of Puttalam lagoon. 

So this was the place of origin of Sinhalese lineage. Further it was also the dwelling place of “Queni” who helped the Vijaya to become a Prince. Later, Queni shifted her dwelling to “Thonigala” in Anamaduwa division as the Prince Vijaya had married the princess “Bhaddrakachchana” from India. It is here the longest stone inscription of Sri Lanka also found out.

Puttalam Sri Lanka

How is the weather in Puttalam ?

The annual temperature is 27 degrees Celsius, although in the dry season temperatures can reach 31 Celsius during the hottest part of the day. Rains bring relief to the fauna and flora during the North east monsoon from November to January. inter-monsoonal rains occur in March or April.

Puttalam Sri Lanka
Puttalam Sri Lanka


Geography of Puttalam Sri Lanka

Puttalam is a large town in Puttalam District, North Western Province. Situated 130 kilometres  north of Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka and 95 kilometres north of Negombo. The district has a land area of 3013 square Kilo meters including inland water bodies and a coastal belt of 288 Kilo meters in length. Deduru Oya, Mee Oya, Battulu Oya and Rathambala Oya, which flow through the district, have contributed immensely for the prosperity of the district in various means.  

How to Reach Puttalam by Bus

Generally, buses from Colombo and Anuradhapura starts and will take you to Puttalam. If you journey from Colombo, it will take around 4 Hours and 20 Minuts to reach Puttalam.  On the other hand, if you take the Anuradhapura to Puttalam  route, it will take around 3hours and 40 minuts as well.

How to Reach Puttalam by Train

Take bus 187 From  Airport to Colombo “Fort Railway Station” for around 100 Rupees. You can purchase a 2nd or 3rd class ticket to Puttalam when you arrive at the railway station for around 365 Rupees. Don’t expect to get a seat on this train as they are generally always packed.

13 Places to visit in Puttalam & Around

1. Virgin beaches
2. Margarita Village
3. Dolphin watch
4. Kalpitiya
5. Wilpattu National Park
6. Kalpitiya Diving Center
7. Surfpoint Srilanka Kite Village
8. Munneshwaram Hindu Temple
9. St. Anne’s Church 
10. Kite Center
12. Epic Encounters Dive & Adventure Centre
13. Inginimitiya Reservoir
14. Anawilundawa Wetland Sanctuary

Map of Puttalam

What to do in Puttalam